Easy 3-Ingredient Pancakes Recipe for Picky Toddlers

My kids HATE eggs. I blame me, really. I can’t stand them. So it’s kind of hypocritical that I try to force them on the kids so much, right? But they are just SO good for you!

I was so excited when I found this recipe on Blogilates. It was good, but I needed to make some tweaks to make it work for us. It tasted mostly like french toast and was tough for me to flip because it was so runny, so I added some ground oatmeal and voila! the texture improved, they flipped better, and they tasted great (even to me!). They were so good, my kids were grabbing them and stealing them while I was photographing!

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The flavor on this is a mix between french toast and an oatmeal pancake, but you definitely have a good banana flavor in there.

The best part? There are only THREE ingredients! Plus it made the perfect amount for us without any leftovers. I could easily double the recipe if I needed a bigger batch. And this is SUPER healthy. All whole ingredients, no refined crap.

Here is the recipe:

3-Ingredient Pancakes

Time: 15 minutes  Yield: 8 small pancakes

1 banana

2 eggs

1/4 cup oatmeal

I blended it all in my little blender (my Magic Bullet). I also added a dash of cinnamon, but that is totally optional.  Then it’s just like cooking a pancake!


Some tips:

Make small “dollar” pancakes. This is a little tougher to flip, so having them smaller helped

Have your stove on a lower heat than you would for pancakes

You want to flip once the pancake is covered in little bubbles. It takes just a few minutes.

Feel free to modify this recipe by adding things like blueberries or raisins.

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6 thoughts on “Easy 3-Ingredient Pancakes Recipe for Picky Toddlers

  1. I personally can’t stand bananas, so I won’t be making these to eat for myself. BUT, I love how simple and healthy the ingredients are (and the fact that it looks like a pretty small batch means I could make it for the toddler and not have to worry about having wasted too much stuff if he hates it!) :)

  2. Just made these! They were definitely tough to flip in a stainless pan (even with some spray on coconut oil) but I got the job done! I was surprised at how low I needed to keep the heat from burning them. I set it at about 3. I can’t wait to let the kids try these tomorrow morning. Reheatable quick breakfast! Thanks for sharing Tara! :-)

  3. I just want to say thank you for this! My picky son LOVES these! I’ve made these quite a few times since you originally posted them & when he’s being particularily picky I make these & know he’s eating something healthy. Thanks again

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